‘A Search for Happiness: a journey to discover the magic of the little things in life’ rhyming picture story book by C A Bowley

Reading is FUN… when you’re playing a game of happiness hide-and-seek, so why not take your child on a journey to discover the magic of the little things in life?

Zob is a grumpy alien on a visit to earth. Can you help him find the happiness clues hidden amongst the pictures?

Explore kindness in the classroom, positivity in the playground, creative hobbies in the home, exercising, spending time in nature, sleep and more!

A beautiful, colourful, rhyming picture story book, ideal for starting conversations about happiness and wellbeing in families with children aged 3-8.

Children learn as they play

Inside you’ll find reminders about every day small things that make a difference to life and an interactive style including questions, happiness clues to spot and conversation prompts aimed at helping children notice the positive moments from their day (an activity linked to developing resilience and optimism).

Praise for ‘A Search for Happiness’ picture book

“This clever new illustrated story and activity book has the power to bring parents, carers and children together through inspiring conversations that matter – Where does happiness come from? What’s important for a happy & healthy life?…Through simple stories and practices that can easily be made part of family life, children and adults alike can learn together how everyone can build lifelong wellbeing, happiness and positivity.”  Dr Daisy Robinson is a GP at College Surgery Partnership, Devon and her interests include clinical education and young people’s health and wellbeing.


Author and publisher of a new picture book based on happiness themes.

Coral explains the thinking behind the book best herself:

“The aim of the story is to empower and engage children in discovering what’s actually important to happiness and wellbeing and to help parents start conversations about happy, healthy habits in the formative early years.

The interactive style includes plenty of opportunities for parent and child connection and positive conversations about what makes us feel happy. Parents, teachers, carers and childen can enjoy sharing a fun story exploring wellbeing at the same time as helping the children develop key literacy skills.”

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