Is yours a MAD HOUSE at Christmas ? Here are my tips to calm things down.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins








I was really delighted to see my tips appear on Cheryl Pasquier’s Mad House Family Review  site this weekend.

“A friend of mine is having trouble sorting out the arrangements over Christmas Dinner with her ex. I thought that maybe I should encourage her to refocus her priorities, by reminding her of something important. Right now she is creating a blueprint of how she handles this magical time for her kids – and she is in the process of making and creating memories for them that will last for their lifetimes.

So often people focus on the stress of Christmas but I like to focus on the positive things in life. You can leave creating a great time and wonderful memories to chance, or you can weave the magic tapestry of a wonderful experience of Christmas with your family through great design and planning.

Here are six ideas to conjure up that extra bit of magic in your Christmas, or holiday time:

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