Do Christmas lists encourage children to be greedy? Handling Pester Power!

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Writing the letter to Santa

So it’s coming to that time of the year when the kids start being marketed to by the media.

Are your children pester ninjas?

Do you feel under pressure to fulfill your child’s Christmas list?

Well a survey today by the charity Mothers’ Union has called for an end to “pester power.”

Some 84 per cent of parents have bought their children extra Christmas presents at the last minute because they didn’t think the pile “looked big enough”, according to research by the charity.

It also showed that 72 per cent of parents bought their children a gift that was on their Christmas list which they could not afford.

It meant that 46 per cent of parents have taken out a loan, or got themselves into financial difficulty while trying to make their children happy at Christmas.

How do you handle “pester power?”

Read the article in The Telegraph and take their poll !

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