Keeping the magic of Christmas alive – when to tell the kids about Father Christmas

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Here’s my interview on when to tell the kids about Father Christmas in Candis.

“During the Christmas period it’s often up to parents to ensure everyone has a brilliant and most importantly memorable time.

To keep it magical, Sue Atkins, author of Raising Happy Children for Dummies, offers parental advice on how to ensure it’s enjoyable for everyone.

One thing that is particularly important to remain aware of is Father Christmas and when it is appropriate to spill the beans about his true identity.

Littlewoods have recently come under fire for showing an advert that seems to suggest that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and Sue Atkins argues that parents should do their best to time the revelation properly.

While there is no right or wrong time to tell children the truth, she advises that parents should “be guided by them [their kids] and be gentle with them and be honest when you think they are ready”.

The parenting expert also recommended that to inject some magic into the special day it can be fun to play along by leaving a half eaten mince pie out or making some ‘snowy’ footprints near the fireplace with flour.

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