A Brilliant Way To Break The News About Santa Without Crushing Your Child’s Spirit.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

If it’s about time to tell your kids the truth about Santa ? or Father Christmas, but you aren’t sure how to do it without crushing their innocence or breaking their dreams – relax!

I’ve just discovered a lovely way to help that is just so lovely.

It can be difficult for any child to learn that Father Christmas isn’t real.

Many years ago, mother of two Leslie Rush constructed a way to transition & move her children from receiving gifts from Santa to “becoming” Santa.

The method works by taking your child, who’s ready to learn the truth, out for a one-on-one meal. Then, you acknowledge & talk about some of the good deeds your child has done in the past year and chat about some examples of their empathetic & kind behaviour.

Finally, you break the news.

You can start off by saying that in fact, their heart has grown so much that you think they are ready to become a Santa. They have probably noticed that most of the Santa’s they see are people dressed up like him. Some of their friends might have even told them that there is no  Santa! A lot of children think that, because they aren’t ready to BE a Santa yet, but YOU ARE!

Now YOU are ready to do your first job as a Santa!

Then, ask your child to choose someone they know, such as a neighbour, that they think deserves a special gift from Santa.

Your child’s mission is to secretly, find out something that the person needs, and then provide it, wrap it, deliver it —and never reveal to that person where it came from. Being a Santa isn’t about getting credit, you see. It’s unselfish giving & teaching children to be kind & unselfish.

Some examples I’ve seen are noticing that someone needs a new pair of slippers, or a case for their glasses or a book mark.

Not only does this method help children avoid disappointment, but it teaches them the importance of giving and helping others.

Teaching children that they are part of a larger community, that they can be magic and bring magic into someone else’s life, gives them the best kind of power, empathy, kindness and thoughtfulness.

Take it steady and be guided by your child’s age and maturity and readiness to receive this new message around Christmas.

This is not about rushing in to rain on their magical moments of childhood!

Then, just be ready to answer your child’s questions, but stay focused on the bigger point — which is that children can still get while becoming a giver — is not only an excellent solution to a tricky question; it has the added gift of being true.

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