Sue Atkins New Year Daily Challenge – 50 Ways To Be Present In Your Child’s Life

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Bringing  up kids isn’t easy – it’s tiring, exhausting, overwhelming  and downright challenging at times – as well as hugely rewarding, wonderful, mesmerising and humbling.

But in the socks & pants of life it’s easy to get a bit stuck in the nagging, negative mindset when we are parenting.

It’s also very easy to stick the kids in front of the TV, give them a ipad or your phone while you peel the potatoes, empty the dishwasher  or make the beds.

So my New Year Challenge to you – (should you wish to accept it as  they say to Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible’ )  is to  join me here on my blog and to give me  your best tips for staying present and positive in your child’s day.

It will nurture you child’s self esteem to play with them, read to them,  take time to build a rocket, bake a cake, or paint a rainbow. Perhaps you could  stop and remember to look at your child when they are talking to you then you can simply relax and watch your child bloom and watch them blossom.

I hope you read each other’s simple ideas because even if you only pick up one tip it will nurture your child’s self esteem and confidence  and build memories that may well last a lifetime – and that is what this simple challenge is all about !

Get posting!


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