The Many Risks of Helicopter Parenting – Are YOU Guilty? Tips for over anxious parents on how to wean themselves off their kids.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Here’s a nifty infographic produced by the folks at Yellowbrick detailing the consequences of everyone’s favourite irritating childrearing trend: helicopter parenting!

The people at BIG Think have  written a lot about this topic here  & their archives are a veritable smorgasbord of pieces detailing its effects and consequences. Their focus isn’t merely because they like to helicopter the helicopter parents, but because shifts in how we raise our kids have resulted in a generation of young adults who lack critical thinking, self-reliance, and coping skills. 

And that’s not great –  not just for the young adults, but also for everyone else who has to deal with their problems.

The image above will shed some light on all these elements, as well as offer a more basic crash course for those still unfamiliar with this troubling trend.

I work with parents over a 6 weeks to help them learn to let go of over- parenting their kids & I ask them:

In what  specific areas do I need to allow my kids to become more independent of me?

What’s stopping me doing that? Is it because I feel needed, important, relevant in some way?

Is it because I feel guilty about my parenting or my work committments?

Have the recent terrorist attacks made me nervous and over protective – what message are my kids receiving from my actions?

What are the implications for my child, who becomes a young adult,  who then becomes a parent, of my mollycoddling them now?

In what way does robbing them of independence serve them?

I’m on 01883 818329 if you’d like to explore healthy ways to give your kids autonomy and independence.

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