Pocket Money Gender Gap: Boys Get 12% More – so what are kids learning about money from YOU?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Pocket Money - Gender Gap

Pocket Money – Gender Gap

I’m talking about the new survey about Pocket Money on Sky News today.

Children are getting an average of £6.55 a week in pocket money but the gap is widening between the earnings of boys and girls.

The Halifax survey of nearly 1,800 children aged eight to 15 and their parents found that they now receive £6.55 a week on average, up from £6.20 last year.

Boys received an average of £6.93 per week, compared to girls who got an average of £6.16.

The bank found that nearly 80% of current youngsters are saving some of their pocket money, with nearly one in eight saving all of it.

So what are your kids learning about money from you ?

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