A safe place to rant, rage and discover – your Divorce Journal

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



As I get ready to launch my new Divorce Step by Step videos I have just been re – reading my own personal Journal back to 2012 documenting my thoughts on my divorce journey.

It’s fascinating to read my thoughts and to see how far I’ve come and to feel a HUGE sense of self respect, empowerment and pride in coping, rebuilding, and making a new life for myself after my divorce.

So one of the strategies I recommend to all the Mums I work during their divorce is to keep a journal to rant, rage, discover, grow and build from the outpouring of your emotions. You’ll make sense of your life, release your strong emotions and gain clarity from the process.

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Join in by asking questions, posting up your stories, offering your  advice and your thoughts.

We’re all in this together and while a divorce is a process NOT an event you are NOT alone.


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