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For me, there’s more to life than money.

For me, it’s all about people and relationships and in particular it’s about the relationships we have within our own families – with our kids, our partners, and our own parents.

Family life is the most important aspect of our true well-being – and so is the really important job of bringing up happy, confident, well-balanced adults – today’s children – but tomorrow’s future.

For all children and for most adults, family life is the most important thing in life.

It gives meaning to our lives – as it’s a place of safety, security, support, laughter, and a feeling of belonging.

You only have to ask yourself – who was there to pick you up from a late night party, give you a bit of “extra” money when you’d run out, or sorted things out when you got into trouble or made mistakes?

Or who was there to get you over a broken heart, a messy divorce, or there encouraging you on the sidelines on a frozen cold January morning when you were playing netball?

Who taught you to ride a bike, rollerskate or drive a car?

And who is always there believing in you and encouraging you when life is overwhelming and challenging?

Your family.

Your family is your rock in a very fast-paced, hectic world of change – it’s your anchor in the stormy seas and choppy waters of growing up.

And that’s why for me it’s so important.

It’s from this centre that children thrive and go on to believe in their dreams and make a success of their lives – whatever that means for them.

It’s like a ripple in a pond – each generation building on the other.

I believe every parent loves their child and is doing their very best for them but because kids don’t come with a handbook. Life with kids can be enormously challenging, tiring and frustrating, but it can also be the most rewarding and uplifting experience in the world too – and nothing can prepare you for that either.

It’s not about the background you come from, the colour of your skin or the amount of money you have in your bank account that matters – it’s about the memories you build with your kids that will last their lifetime.

Here is a quote I came across many years ago that changed the course of my life and I hope you find it thought-provoking too. It was written by Dr. Forest E. Witcraft who was a scholar, teacher, and Boy Scout administrator.

“One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much was in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like but the world may be a little bit better because I was important in the life of a child.”

You are that very important person in the life of your child.

So paint more rainbows, buy more earrings and kick more footballs in the garden and learn to cherish, nurture and embrace your children, as you are building bridges of unconditional love and lasting self-esteem deep within them.

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