The One Page Profile FAMILY WORKSHOP

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Decorating my home for One PP

Today we ran the first of our One Page Profiles for FAMILIES Workshop here in my Tudor Farmhouse with dogs and kids and Mums and cupcakes.

It was an important day as we were bringing One Page Profiles into the heart of families – creating memories that will last a lifetime and creating family bonds that will deepen and strengthen as the years go by.

The secret to the One Page Profile is the “Digging Deeper” session where Mums asked really fascinating questions and listened to really comprehensive answers from their kids – it was all about feeling special, feeling heard and feeling really understood and celebrated for being a unique child amongst a family of many.

It was about acknowledging our accomplishments and celebrating our achievements and looking at our unique preferences  whether it is around bedtime routines, spending time with Mum on her own or actually preferring Fanta Orange to Coke as a treat – it’s ALWAYS about the details !

Of course we know our children better than anyone else in the world but it’s also important to support and nurture them – in the way they like to be nurtured and a One Page Profile provides the space to explore that with your child 1-2-1 away from the ironing, school runs and mayhem of family life.

It truly was a family day as my son Will filmed the video of the day and that made it a special day for me – and working with my wonderful friend Helen Sanderson who created the One Page Profile for her daughter Laura was a very special and treasured memory for me.

To find out more about our One Page Profile Workshops and Family Days contact me on and watch this space for my new website and video that will be launching soon.

For more information on One Page Profiles go to and watch the video about how this simple exercise will completely TRANSFORM your child’s self confidence & self esteem

Let’s change the self esteem and confidence of your child today.

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