This simple exercise will completely TRANSFORM your child’s self confidence & self esteem

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


As my regular readers will know I am incredibly passionate about empowering children with  self esteem and that’s why I created my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshops either here at my Tudor Farmhouse, or in schools as either Enrichment Days, or as an After School Clubs, so I am very proud to be associated with this wonderful initiative for Personalising Learning  that we launched at The House of Commons recently.

I was delighted to have been invited to present this video to introduce schools, parents and children to this incredibly simple but highly effective way of supporting children, with not only their learning, but also as a wonderful way to enrich and nurture their self esteem.

I have begun to use One Page Profiles into my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshops and the children have found them to be a very powerful tool in building up their sense of self worth.

This short film shows how One-Page Profiles can be used in primary and secondary schools as well as in special education and for young people in transition from school to adult life.

But I believe this simple idea will transform your family relationships too – taking your child’s self esteem and self confidence to a whole new level, helping your children to feel good about themselves for their whole lifetime as you have fun updating it regularly together as your child grows and matures.

If you would like to come on my brand new exclusive One Page Profile Workshops for Families and learn how this simple technique will transform your child’s self esteem and self confidence – email me at for more details.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what I can help you create together with your child whether they are a toddler struggling for independence, a child starting a new school for the first time, a child struggling with dyslexia or a child who hates doing their homework – a One Page Profile will transform your child’s confidence and their self esteem and will quickly and  easily transform your family relationships for the better.

Ben’s One Page Profile

Hannah’s One Page Profile

Nina’s One Page Profile

Lucy’s One Page Profile

Cameron’s One Page Profile

Jordan’s One Page Profile


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