Tips for beating the isolation blues

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I’m delighted to have been published in this month’s Tesco Magazine so pop along to your local supermarket and pick one up

I’m also delighted to have been published in The Asian Parent this week on Tips for beating the isolation blues

Parenting expert and coach Sue Atkins, with over 22 years of experience with parents and children, gives new mothers practical tips on how to beat the isolation blues.

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Feeling isolated when you first have children is very common, as you’ve probably left a job where there was always people around to chat to, so plan ahead and talk to your friends and other parents about what they do to get out and about.

One simple way to combat loneliness is to get into a routine about getting up and getting dressed and having a few small things planned each day. Jot down the night before some simple things that you want to achieve the next day that will take you, and your children out – simple things like going to the Post Office, getting some milk and a paper and have 3 simple things in your diary each week that gets you out meeting people.

The most obvious way to break the cycle of isolation that often comes with being a new parent is to go to places where there are other mums in the same situation, so look out for:


  • Story time at the library
  • Toddler Groups at local churches
  • Activities at sports centres – with ball pools, games, activities and informal get togethers
  • Musical classes where you child can learn new things and you can meet new friends
  • There are lots of free activities if you go to the library and look for them, or paid classes like Tumble Tots, Music Bugs and Talking Tots
  • Look at the website and explore a wide range of activities and things for your baby, toddler, and school aged kids to do as well as lots of new places for you to explore too.


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