Changing Your Attitude to Change this New Year

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Handling change is one of life’s greatest challenges and is a very important element in my work with parents. My passion is to empower parentsand help them handle change positively and with clarity, direction and confidence.

Change is inevitable and although it’s perfectly natural to resist the changes in your life and feel overwhelmed and anxious about them, you can with a simple change in your mindset, also learn to choose to adapt to change and benefit from it. It’s about learning to embrace a new perspective to your circumstances.

When change happens in your life, from your teenage son growing into a handsome and independent teenager and going off to University, or your youngest child starting secondary school or your partner wanting a divorce, you have a choice.

You can either co-operate with it and go with the natural flow and rhythm of life and learn to bend or handle these shifts with subtlety, or you can become frozen with fear and resentment, become bitter and detached and slowly isolate yourself from the joys of new opportunities. Always remember, as frightening as they might seem, new phases of your life and new experiences offer you a chance to grow, learn and explore yourself.

There are basically two types of change. These are Cyclical Change and Structural Change -neither of which you can control.

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