Change your Family Life With The Sue Atkins 5 a Day Parenting Challenge !

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Starts tonight for 5 days

For less than a haircut and highlights I will make you a positive, relaxed and confident parent in 5 days.

Family success, happiness and parenting confidence are not accidents that happen to some parents and not to others. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. Learn how to master your parenting confidence quickly and easily and be the parent you’ve always dreamt you could be, free from finger pointing, criticism or judgment.

Take back control of your family life and discover how easy it is to be the best parent you can be for your kids – who deserve it.

My simple, quick and easy five-day plan really will change your family life for ever. I will transform you into the positive, relaxed and confident parent you’ve always wanted to be, so your children grow up happy, confident and well behaved and most importantly, with happy memories that will last their lifetime.

Join me for a week of fun, facts and information where you will learn all of my tools, techniques and simple tips to transform your family happiness.


I know first hand how difficult, challenging, exhausting and overwhelming bringing up kids can be, as I’ve got two kids of my own, but I also know how enjoyable and rewarding parenting can be too – my aim on this online course is to break down the barriers around asking for help, looking for answers and exploring new tips and techniques, as well as a few tried and tested favourites !

We all go on ante –natal classes without feeling judged, inadequate or a complete failure so my mission is to de- mystify parenting, make it simple and make it OK not to know ALL the answers – because as I often say “kids don’t come with a handbook!”

Change happens quickly but habits take a little longer so join me for a wonderful week of learning and discovering and take control of your family life once and for all.

Who’s this course for?

Anyone interested in investing a small amount of time learning some simple, quick and highly effective parenting tips whether your kids are toddlers or teens.

How does it work?
Simply ring in on your phone from the comfort of your home to listen, or join in the conversation at the end of the call – so grab a cuppa, a pen and some paper and let’s get started.

Calls are at 8pm for one hour GMT (UK) Time, each evening starting on Monday October 3rd and ending Friday October 7th 2011.

And don’t worry if you miss a call they are being recorded and sent to you after course so that you can download them, you’ll have a mini library of expertise at the touch of a button that you can listen to over and over gain or just when you need a little boost .


  • Day 1- Developing A Positive Mindset and Seeing the Bigger Picture
  • Day 2 – The Gift of Positive Praise – develop your child’s long term self esteem
  • Day 3 – The Importance of Play, Reading and Healthy Eating
  • Day 4 – The Challenge of Turning Off the TV and Talking!
  • Day 5 – My Top 5 Tips to Having Well Behaved Kids


Consistent research has found that the quality of parenting in a child’s early life has an overwhelming influence on their later progress at school and in life generally. So don’t delay, don’t dither and don’t look back and regret investing in your child’s wellbeing, happiness and success.

What does it cost?
Every year I help thousands of private clients take control of their family lives and reach their true potential – so I am thrilled to be able to help you but places are limited on this course, so seize this opportunity to work personally with me on this life changing week so you can relax knowing you have cracked this “parenting business” once and for all.

Stop Worrying, Ditch The Guilt and Feel Good Now

Invest in all 5 calls as an early bird for only £49.95 and you’ll receive a BONUS Part 1 of my EXCLUSIVE ‘The Parenting Expert Audio Blog Collection’ OR dip in and out of the course which I DON’T advise (as each call builds on the next) for £14.95 per call ..

Take the 5 a day Challenge and enter a draw to win a signed copy of my Amazon best selling book “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” .

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