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Posted by: Sue Atkins


I was bullied at school for a little while when I first joined my Secondary School and I developed Alopecia from it – where some of my hair fell out due to the stress of not telling anyone about it as I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

My wonderful Dad came into kiss me goodnight one night and found me crying – I was 11 and he sorted it out by going into the school and discussing it. But actually they did nothing and I left soon afterwards and went to a school where they seemed so much kinder and friendly when I played them at Netball. I joined them and was happy and settled into easy friendships after that.

The memory of being bullied has left me but not my passion to help children with my unique strategies, techniques and skills to empower them with true inner and outer confidence that lasts their whole life. I use many diffferent techniques but my favourite is Emotional Freedom Technique or you may have heard it called “tapping” – it is used in Kosovo to eliminate trauma and I first saw it when I helped Paul McKenna on his Easy Weight Loss Seminars as a simple but highly effective technique to eliminate stress, anxiety and worry.

Perhaps that’s why I’m so driven to make a difference in the world through my coaching, workshops, writing, books and teleseminars ……

Join me on my next Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop on Saturday 3rd December in Godstone in Surrey as I am passionate about helping children feel good about themselves and empowering them with the strategies and simple techniques for lasting long term confidence.

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