Back to School Tips – Tip 1 ~ Simple Strategies To Get Out The Door Faster, Less Frazzled And Smiling First Thing In The Morning

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

This week as the kids all go back to school in the UK I’ll be blogging about My Top Tips For Simple Morning Routines to make life easier, fun and more enjoyable – so check in each morning or RSS my feed so my blog lands in your email in- box first thing to keep you sane ! 🙂

Children thrive when they know what to expect and what they have to do. Implementing a morning routine will make them feel secure and prepared for the day ahead. Even more importantly, it will make your life a little less complicated and more enjoyable !

Here are several tips to keep morning chaos to a minimum:

  1. Make  your kids pack lunch the night before – and get them to help you.
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