The Behaviour Blogs Part 4 – Three Styles of Managing Behaviour

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

The secret to well behaved kids by Sue Atkins

The 3 Styles of Managing Your Child’s Behaviour

There are 3 broad styles of managing children’s behaviour but what has the most influence on your child is your confidence, style and personality.

  1. Your style affects the atmosphere, mood and tone in your home.
  2.  Your style is a blueprint for what your children copy and learn from as you are their first role model.
  3. Your beliefs determine your style as well as your approach to disciplining your kids.

 Over the next couple of days as I tell you about the different styles just ask yourself:

 “Which style do I want to choose for my own children to experience?”

 “What memories am I creating for them?”

 “What am I teaching them?

  “What are they learning from my behaviour, tone and attitude?”

 If you don’t like what you discover – don’t beat yourself up, just commit to making a small change this week that will become a big change over time.

 Mrs. Controllivitz

 She believes:

  1. Children must be controlled
  2. “Don’t give an inch” – otherwise kids will take a mile
  3. Parents deserve respect automatically.
  4. If I appear flexible my kids will take advantage of me and I will have lost control
  5. Bringing up kids is a battle so I must win no matter what.


  1.  I “tell” my kids what to do
  2. I threaten them with punishments
  3. I send them to their rooms and don’t explain, discuss or teach them my rules, expectations or reasons.


  1. We have a poor relationship
  2. We all have high levels of stress
  3. Learning, motivation and being relaxed together are all significantly damaged through this way of doing things.

So can you see yourself in this style?

In the mean time why not download  my “The Secret To Well Behaved Kids” Mp3 which will give you lots of my tools, tips and techniques all at your fingertips…..


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