My special day with David Bellamy

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

David Bellamy

I’ve spent a wonderful day with the ever enthusiastic David Bellamy who has inspired millions of kids to get out into nature to look under stones, jump into rivers and to pick up and explore creepy crawlies.

During the 1980s he replaced Big Chief I-Spy as the figurehead of the I-Spy range of children’s books which inspired children to get off their settee, leave the computer games behind and explore the seaside, the garden, creepy crawlies and trees, flowers or birds. But actually the revival of these wonderful books gets kids curious about exploring all sorts of things and that’s why we spent the day together speaking to radio staions around the UK telling parents that the long summer holidays needn’t be a chore, expensive or full of cries of  “I’m bored” 

When I run my workshops I suggest that with a  little bit of  planning each day and each week  kids feel structure to their holidays, and if you get clear about your boundaries around the computer and all the screens you can have more fun, build memories that last a lifetime and not spend the earth !

Kids can have fun on car journeys, train journeys, planes or just exploring a city like London with a purpose as these new I Spy books are brilliant and help you be one step ahead of your kids ! They give you confidence as well as great ideas for things to look out for and  kids can collect the points, get badges and certificates and swap books or collect the whole colouful series.

Here’s the survey that Michelin commissioned:

“The average family will have to pay out around £500 to keep the kids happy during the summer holidays this year.

That’s according to new research out today which shows the parents expect to shell out £31 per child per week during the long, hot summer break.

And with the concerns of making sure kids aren’t just dropped in front of the TV for six weeks and family budgets being so tight parents throughout the UK will be wondering how to keep their children busy and entertained.

The research shows a quarter of parents aren’t sure how best to keep their children amused with simple, fun and educational activities. And worryingly almost nine out of ten parents saying their children usually keeps themselves busy by watching TV and a half saying it’s playing video games that keeps the little’uns busy.

So this summer perhaps it’s time for a return to more traditional past-times? Indeed today’s research would suggests there’s a lot of support for doing just this with over two thirds of parents thinking we need to go back to a time when kids were kids and a similar number saying they don’t want video games to be their children’s main source of entertainment.

Furthermore, the research out today by Michelin I-Spy books, shows over a third of parents claim to be nostalgic for days gone by when it comes to raising children.

So what are you waiting for – for less than the price of a bag of chips  you can invest in these really fun I spy books and who knows what your kids will enjoy discovering about our wonderful world.

I-Spy a children’s classic returning to the bookshelves

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